Beef Processing
Custom Processing Fee:
$.50 Per Pound

Specialty Items: Summer Sausage, Snack Sticks, Smoked Brisket, Burger Patties

All Processing Must Be Called & Scheduled

Interested In Purchasing a Side of Beef to Be Processed Give Us a Call 269-323-3700-1

Pig Processing
Custom Processing Fee:
$.50 Per Pound
Custom Smoking Fee (Hams, Loins):
$1.00 Per Pound
Smoking Bacon Fee (Sliced & Package):
$1.50 Per Pound
Custom Flavored Brats:
$36.00 Per 12 lb Batch
Breakfast Sausage Patties:
$12.00 Per 12 lb Batch
Deer Processing

Standard Processing Fee: 




This Includes:


Cut & Vacuum-Packed

You Get Your Meat

For Better Venison:

Hang the deer before processing. Leave the skin on to prevent dehydration and keep the meat clean.

Hang the deer to drain blood and cool to 50 degrees F within six hours of harvest. Freezing the venison more quickly will result in tougher meat. Aging venison any longer is not necessary; but when stored at 34 to 40 degrees for up to eight days - the taste and tenderness of venison cuts can be improved.


Product & Price List

Summer Sausage

12lb Batches $36

Venison Flavors:

  • Mild
  • Mild/Cheddar
  • Italian Pepper Jack

    Snack Sticks

    12lb Batches $48

    Venison Flavors:

    • Mild
    • Mild/Cheddar
    • Italian Pepper Jack


      5lb Batches (Green Weight) $25

      • Original
      • Teriyaki
      • Sweet Heat


        12lb Batches $36

        Venison Flavors:

        • Traditional Mild
        • Jalapeno/Cheddar

          Breakfast Sausage

          12lb Batches $24

          Venison Flavors:

          • Mild
          • Hot & Spicy

            Smoked Hams

            $10.00 per Ham

            Extra Services For Pre-Boned Meat

            • Grind & Wrap Burger .50 cents per lb. ($20 minimum)


            • Please let us know at your drop-off if you need you're deer caped out.
            • Cape Fee is $25.00 (will call when done for pick up)
            • Any antlers you want to keep, will be done at drop-off so you'll be able to take them with you.
            • Any deer improperly field dressed, will be charged a contamination fee of $5.00

            ** We are not responsible for any capes not picked up or antlers not taken **


              A Sportsman's Dream

              Ryan Olson



              Larry Baughman


              Legends & Trails

              Jason Baushke


              Custom Smokin For You
              Smoked Fish:
              $3.50 Per Pound ($20.00 Min)
              Fish Must Be Clean, Scaled, Cut Into Sizes Pieces You Want Packaged. When You Cleaned Leave Filet W/ Skin On or Left Whole
              Smoked Turkeys: Wild or Domestic
              $2.50 Per Pound ($20.00 Min)
              Wild Turkey's or Pheasants Must Be Cleaned, Free of Any Debris, Skinned Out or Fully Plucked (No Feathers)
              De-Boned Turkey Breast Can Be Made Into Jerky
              $25.00 Per 5 Lb Green Weight
              Goose Breast Smoked Whole:
              $2.50 Per Pound ($20.00 Min)
              De-Boned Breast Can Be Made into
              • Jerky $25.00 Per 5lb Green Weight
              • Summer Sausage $36.00 Per 12lb Batch
              Breast Meat Must Be Clean & Free From Debris