Barrett's Smokehouse

Barrett's Smokehouse

Fundraising With Fudge

Our Homemade Fudge

      We bring your our wonderful fudge recipes made from only the finest ingredients. It begins with farm fresh cream and Amish rolled butter, and is handmade in small batches to ensure perfection in every batch.

     Our homemade fudge is great for fundraising because it is a gourmet quality product that is not commonly available, making is highly desirable. It is delicious and always made fresh, which makes fudge a wonderful gift for any occasion!

     New and creative flavors are made throughout the year. Stop into one of our two locations to try a sample!

Your organization can make between 43 - 45% profit with us!


It's Simple With Us

Your group simply sells fudge and collects money in a sales campaign

(2-4 week period)

When your campaign is finished, you submit your final order along with payment.

We'll make your fudge FRESH within 15 days of payment